Short Fiction

Sleeping in Ditches

When it's almost all over, how do you accept the inevitable? Well, how about sleeping in ditches?


Read the story in Otis Nebula.

Twisted Tails Anthologies

I have stories in five of the Twisted Tails anthologies, edited by J. Richard Jacobs, the most heartless, slave-driving editor of all time. But then, he's brought about some of the best speculative fiction in modern times. Superb writing...followed by a twist at the end that generally throws the poor readers on their asses. (BTW, these books are published by Double Dragon Publishing, thus, the dragons on the covers.) All the Twisted Tails anthologies are available at Amazon in both ebook and print formats.

Twisted Tails I – An Anthology to Surprise and Delight


Four Stories:


The Story of a Termite

Ain't No Doc for the Falling Apart Blues

In a Bad Mood

The Big Red Gift

Twisted Tails II – The Complete Edition


One Story (with Ann Dulhanty):


A Wrinkle in Time

Twisted Tails III – Pure Fear


Two Stories:


School Dayzed


Twisted Tails IV - Fantastic Flights of Fancy


One Story:


The Man Who Was a Few Pixel Out

Twisted Tails VII – Irreverence


One Story:


Ladies of the Fountain

Still Life with Muse and Rain

I think of you when I run screaming and scratching the flesh off my bones in the void. How else do you think of your muse when it comes to a sanity showdown at Molly's Coffee House?


Read the story in Punchnel's.




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