Writing Hurts Like Hell

How to Write a Novel When You Don't Have Time to Write a Short Story


Based on ten years of teaching creative writing workshops, this workshop in a book, shows you step-by-step how to bring your story ideas to life and mold them into a novel ready for publication. This is not a book on how to write a book...it's a book on how to become a writer...how to see, hear and feel the world around you like a writer and turn that into a novel. 

I highly recommend The War Bug by Biff Mitchell to Science Fiction fans who can stomach sexual perversion, grotesque humor and total cyber satire.

     - Charlene Austin at The Writers and Readers Network


Biff Mitchell is a blessed breed of writer who mixes the real, surreal, and potentially real by fusing philosophy, science, human emotions, humor and terror. And The War Bug is this writer at the top of his game.

     - Susan DiPlacido, Author  of Strut and Suffle Up and Deal

I don’t think the human race will ever have the emotional stability to become software.
     - Cassie Mae Hayes in The Reality Wars

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