Boston Jonson in Murder by Coffee


When a nasty little plague of people turning into stone in coffee shops around the city threatens the bottom line of the Coffee Cartels and their highly addictive designer coffees, investigative consultant Boston Jonson is tossed into a world where everyone is out to either admire him or kill him, a world of annoying weirdoes who are probably better off turned into stone.

Boston Jonson in Murder by Art


It’s 2060. In Backstreet Records, a brooding audiophile thinks murder. Upstairs at Studio4Ward where skulls, dreams and beer cans are the stuff of art, 300 pounds of human sculpture dangles dead from the wall. It’s time to call in the notorious super sleuth Boston Jonson to smoke out the murderer with insults and Zen.

Murder by Burger

In the late 21st Century, A body is found in the headquarters of the world’s largest fast food franchise, Barto Burger, creators of the world’s first completely cloned hamburger.


Enter Boston Jonson with his unorthodox mixture of Zen, insults, and hula hula shirts to unravel a startling mystery. in a jungle of underground catacombs and a corporate world gone mad with genetic engineering, cloning and cruelty to old people.

The War Bug

The Internet from Earth to Saturn is collapsing from devastating cyber weapons released by warring online city states, taking with it millions of virtual worlds and billions of people, digital and real. Abner Hayes has just a few hours to find his virtual wife and daughter who have been kidnapped by evil forces to learn their startling secret. His only ally is the deadly computer virus that started the destruction.


”The War Bug is action-packed, edge-of-your-seat, adult science fiction drama crafted into plausible reality by a talented storyteller.” Susan DiPlacido, author of 24/7

The Reality Wars


​Cassie Hayes is the idol of the universe. For a thousand years, she’s been triumphant in the Reality Wars, a deadly series of real and virtual games played every 100 years and broadcast throughout the galaxies. But Cassie, a sentient software program, is tormented by the death of her virtual mother after her human father abandoned them 2000 years earlier. Now he’s back…just in time to abandon her again as he goes off to save the universe with the help of a computer virus that thinks it’s Buddha.

Team Player


The largest software company in the world, ErectSoft INC, has never produced a single product or finished a project. But business is great, especially for the company’s army of homicidal marketing managers. And who cares that thousands of people are jumping off the roof of the tallest building in the world just for the hell of it? The world is going to end in a few hours – unless the most terrifying creature in the universe can be stopped by thirty pagan women and a man who thinks he’s a tree.


“Off-beat, darkly humorous and all-too-realistic, TEAM PLAYER is a truly great read.” Anne Leveille in The Best Reviews

Heavy Load (a laundromance)


“Invigorating and irrepressibly optimistic, HEAVY LOAD provides delightful entertainment. As the laundromat shares the glimpses of life that make us flawed, vulnerable and human, even the most repulsive of behavior and strangest of fetishes suddenly become understandable. A creative masterpiece …”   Cynthia Penn in WordWeaving


“If you can accept the unfashionable idea that ordinary, everyday life is worth observing, you'll enjoy this story. Each chapter becomes a mini-cliffhanger. That's what makes this a real page-turner.”  Deborah Fisher in Tregolwyn Review




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